Electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Recycling of electrical and electronic equipment -

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Are you a manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment? Do you resell equipment manufactured to your order? Or do you deliver equipment into the country from abroad? If so, you have the following obligations, among others:

  • organize and finance collection of waste equipment from collectors and process it
  • to achieve a minimum rate of waste equipment collection at a level not lower than 65% of the average annual weight of equipment placed on the market
  • to achieve minimum levels of recovery and preparation for reuse and recycling of used equipment
  • carrying out public educational campaigns.

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Equipment that is required to be recycled:

1. Fridges, air conditioners, heat pumps and other temperature exchange equipment

2. Laptops, TVs, monitors and other equipment with a screen area of more than 100 cm2

3. Lamps: fluorescent, high intensity discharge (HID), low pressure sodium, light emitting diodes (LED)

4. Washing machines, automatic dryers, dishwashers, stoves, sound or video reproduction equipment, music equipment, large printers, large medical devices, cash dispensers, photovoltaic panels and other large appliances with one dimension exceeding 50 cm

5. Vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, microwave ovens, fans, irons, toasters, electric kettles, curling irons, electronic toys, sports equipment, sensors, small medical devices and other small appliances, none of whose dimensions exceed 50 cm

6. Cell phones, GPS equipment, calculators, routers, computers, printers and other IT equipment that does not exceed 50 cm in any one dimension

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WEEE is defined as waste electrical and electronic equipment. Sometimes called WEEE for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

The legal basis is: Ustawa z dnia 11 września 2015 r. o zużytym sprzęcie elektrycznym i elektronicznym (Dz.U. 2015 poz. 1688 ze zm.)


Electrical and electronic equipment is equipment that requires electricity or electromagnetic fields to operate. This category also includes equipment for the generation, transmission, and measurement of electricity and electromagnetic fields, as well as those designed for use at voltages not exceeding 1000 volts for alternating current and 1500 volts for direct current.

An introducer is a manufacturer, a company that sells private label equipment, or imports equipment from abroad. The introducer may also be a distributor of the equipment.

Records should show the weight of introduced equipment groups and their purpose, distinguishing between households and others.

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