Publication of the law transposing the SUP Directive

A week ago, May 9, 2023 an act implementing the provisions of the SUP (Single Use Plastics) directive was published, which means that the regulations will come into force soon.

The regulations focus mainly on imposing restrictions and requirements related to the marketing and use of single-use products made of plastics, and on the selective collection of waste resulting from these products, and introduce the following obligations:

  • Marking some products with symbols, used e.g. on cups containing plastics.
  • Imposing new types of fees for specific plastic products, such as an end-user fee per package, a fee for collection, cleaning and transport, and a fee for public education campaigns.
  • For beverage cups and food containers, provide reusable or non-plastic alternative packaging from July 1, 2024.
  • Use recycled plastic in bottles.
  • Achieving minimum levels of waste collection of beverage packaging in the form of single-use plastic bottles with a capacity of up to 3 liters,
  • Reporting all activities by the BDO system.

The full text of the act is available HERE

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