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Full transparency for customers and the public: Once a year, the renowned Fraunhofer UMSICHT institute assesses the environmental impact of ALBA Group’s recycling activities. In 2020 alone, we recovered nearly 3.5 million tons of recyclable materials in Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovenia, saving approximately 28.8 million tons of virgin raw materials. Such a result was given by the experts of the Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute in the report “Resources SAVED by recycling” , examining the recycling of metals, waste electrical and electronic equipment, paper / cardboard, glass, plastics and wood.

Dr. Ing. Markus Hiebel

“Recycling is an important part of a sustainable society: it saves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces economic dependence on imported raw materials. The study clearly shows the important role played by companies like ALBA Group.”

Dr.-Ing. Marcus Hiebel
Director of the Department for Sustainable Development and Resource Management of the Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute


Interzero saved 12.5 million tons of primary resources by recycling 1.8 million tons of recyclable materials.


Interzero's recycling activities have saved 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.


2 million tons of primary raw materials have been saved by recycling electronic devices.


The company recycled 575,000 tons of paper, cardboard and cardboard, thus saving approximately 183,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.


We recycled over 365,000 tons of glass waste, reducing the use of virgin raw materials by 800,000 tons.


The company recycled over 350,000 tons of plastic, thereby saving over 1.2 million tons of primary raw materials.

Resources SAVED by recycling - certificates for our clients and partners

Sustainable competitive advantage: By partnering with Interzero, you can reduce your ecological footprint and strengthen customer loyalty. Interzero demonstrates your company’s contribution to resource efficiency with a certificate. Each asset protection certificate and all relevant information can be viewed by logging into our Resources SAVED portal. Just enter the password received with the certificate.

Portal "resources SAVED by recycling"

Are you our client and want to download the “Resources SAVED by recycling” certificate? Go to the portal and log in using your individual access data.


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