Plastic recycling - replacing waste into high-quality regranulate

The Recycled-Resource plastics recycling process allows you to close the raw material cycle and obtain high-quality regranulate in accordance with the customer's specification. Get to know our unique materials: Recythen® and Procyclen® - extremely ecological, 100% recycled and fully tailored to your needs.

Improved plastic recycling – discover Recycled-Resource

Recycled-Resource is an innovative, award-winning plastic processing process that allows you to obtain high-quality regranulate with properties tailored to customer needs .

The Recycled-Resource process was created for the most demanding customers who want to obtain regranulate with specific mechanical parameters and in the most environmentally friendly way. To meet these expectations, our plastic recycling technology is constantly developed and improved . Key research and development work takes place in our new competence center in Maribor, Slovenia.

Interzero recykling

Our portfolio of recycled plastics

At our three recycling plants , we process a wide range of plastics and polyolefins into clean recyclates . Our recycling process mainly focuses on several plastics: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET and EPS.

At the processing plant in Eisenhüttenstadt in Brandenburg, we use plastic packaging waste: polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) to produce recyclate of uncompromising quality and high recyclability.

czysty, wysokiej jakości regranulat uzyskany w wyniku recyklingu tworzyw sztucznych Interzero

Our offer of recycled plastics is complemented by: LDPE granulate and rPET regranulate produced at the plant in Liebenau and EPS processed at the installation located in Aschersleben.

  • LDPE granules are recycled, clean, high-quality plastic that we produce at the request of companies operating in the processing industry.
  • Recycled EPS has a wide range of applications in various industries: from the production of consumer goods to use in construction.
  • From 2023 we use a PET extrusion installation, thanks to which we close the raw material cycle and obtain rPET granules for the food retail sector.

Our offer includes both regranulates and regrinded plastics for the processing industry.

Recythen® and Procyclen® – high-quality plastic regranulate

Recythen, procyclen
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As a result of the Recycled-Resource process , two types of plastic granulate are produced – Recythen ® and Procyclen ®. We obtain raw materials for their production from household waste, mainly packaging made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

Procyclen® is an award-winning recycled material whose properties can be modified in a very wide range. By changing the formula, Procyclen® produced in our plant in Germany can be adapted to customer requirements in terms of fluidity, stability, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, temperature and color . Moreover, Procyclen® meets the strict requirements for plastics used in the production of new products and packaging and can be used for injection molding and extrusion processes.

Our second type of regranulate – Recythen® – can be used to produce products such as cable reels, garden furniture, drain pipes or cable channels.

Manufacturers who use Recythen® or Procyclen® in their plastic products can apply for the Blue Angel environmental label .

What will you gain by choosing Recycled-Resource - advanced plastic recycling from Interzero?

Certified, repeatable quality of materials

Production technical support

Detailed technical documentation for all batches of recyclate

Security planning and security of supply

Upcycling possibilities and full compliance with REACH regulations

Real impact on the preservation of the earth's natural resources

Choose plastic recycling from Interzero and protect the environment

Using our recycled plastics you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and help protect the planet’s natural resources. The use of Procyclen® and Recythen® helps reduce the company’s negative impact on the environment, which was confirmed in a study published by Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT.* Thanks to these raw materials, it is possible to reduce emissions harmful to the climate by up to 59% and significantly reduce primary energy consumption**.

* Calculations are based on the ISO 14040 and 14044 life cycle assessment standards. The compared technologies correspond to the current state of knowledge. All results refer to one tonne of granules.

** Assuming consumption of 0.50 kWh per wash. This corresponds to energy efficiency class A.

Entrust your plastic recycling to Interzero and reduce your CO2 emissions

Such impressive statistics and environmental benefits motivate us to work hard to further improve our plastic recycling process. Interzero constantly strives to increase the efficiency of the Recycled-Resource process and thus reduce the burden on the environment.

The production of the latest generation of Procyclen® takes place in one process step and consumes much less energy. Thanks to this , we can achieve up to 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the costs of the entire plastic recycling process and contribute to the preservation of valuable natural resources.

Achieving such impressive results and huge environmental benefits is possible thanks to the use of the innovative COREMA® cascade extrusion system. It allows for individual programming of each plastic recycling procedure in such a way as to obtain regranulate in just one step that is 100% consistent with the customer’s needs and order. In April 2019, environmental services provider Interzero and technology manufacturer EREMA received a PRSE award for this innovation in the “Recycling Machine Innovation of the Year” category.

Interzero technologies that have gained international recognition

Plastics obtained in the Interzero material recycling process enjoy constantly growing interest from producers and distributors. Our Recycled-Resource process and Procyclen® regranulate have also won many prestigious awards .

Plastic Recycling Awards Europe 2020:

  • nominated together with HOUE Design ApS in the “Household and leisure product of the year” category for the “FALK Chair”

Plastic Recycling Awards Europe 2018

  • nominated in the “Best recycled plastic packaging” category for the “memo Box” reusable shipping system from memo AG
  • In the “Ambassador of the Year of Plastic Recycling” category – people who have made a special contribution to plastic recycling – the nominee was Dr. hab. Manica Ulcnik-Krump, Managing Director of the Competence Center in Maribor

In March 2020, our competence center in Slovenia received official international accreditation, making it the only recognized research institution in the EU specializing in the development and analysis of recycled plastics. Thus, Interzero has become a pioneer in the implementation of uniform quality standards throughout Europe.

Do you want to see the benefits of using our regranulates: Recythen® and Procyclen® in your company?
Write to us and discover a range of new possibilities thanks to the most effective plastic recycling from Interzero!


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