Do you introduce packaged products or packaging to the domestic market? You have a duty to conduct public education campaigns

The obligation to conduct public educational campaigns is one of the legal requirements imposed on those introducing packaging and packaged products (Act of 13 June 2013 on packaging and packaging waste management).

The concept of an educational campaign covers any action aimed at:

  • raising the ecological awareness of the society;
  • regarding the proper handling of packaging waste;
  • raising awareness of the impact of packaging waste on the environment and human health;
  • informing about the available return, collection, recovery and recycling systems for product packaging.

Public educational campaigns specifically concern entrepreneurs who market products covered by the SUP (Single-Use Plastics) directive – implemented into Polish regulations by the Act of May 11, 2001. on the obligations of entrepreneurs regarding the management of certain waste and on the product fee (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 1903 and of 2023, item 877)). According to the provisions, the additional educational obligation applies to single-use products containing plastic, such as:

  • wet wipes
  • balloons
  • lightweight plastic shopping bags
  • sanitary napkins, tampons and tampon applicators

As part of educational activities, information should be provided about:

  1. the availability of alternative reusable products, reuse systems and best practices in sound waste management,
  2. the impact of littering and inappropriate waste disposal on the environment, in particular the marine environment,
  3. the impact of inappropriate waste disposal methods on sewage networks.

How to fulfill the obligation to conduct public educational campaigns?

1. Through NFOŚiGW – by transferring an amount of at least 2% of the net value of packaging placed on the market in the previous calendar year directly to the indicated account of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW).

2. By cooperating with a packaging recovery organization – this solution can be used by any entity that introduces goods in packaging to the domestic market, regardless of the way in which it settles the product fee.

We will help you comply with legal regulations and earn money on it

A smart solution that turns formal requirements into real profit for your company. Interzero helps companies organize events and marketing campaigns, combining environmental obligations with the company’s communication needs.

  • We convince you that environmental education does not have to be boring and clichéd.
  • We prove that it does not have to be unnecessary, just a “formal” expense.
  • We make environmental education a strength and competitive advantage of your company.
  • It affects the positive image of your business – modern, responsible, trustworthy.

That is why, as part of the environmental education campaign, we offer:

  • certainty of proper fulfillment and settlement of the statutory obligation to conduct public educational campaigns;
  • implementation of additional dedicated educational campaigns;
  • tailor-made ideas – educational projects proposed by Interzero give the opportunity to meet statutory obligations, as well as – by selecting the scale and form of customer presence – goals in the field of corporate social responsibility;
  • annual report on the implementation of public educational campaigns.


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