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As an independent company operating in an international environment, we offer our clients a wide range of services, from the basic takeover of statutory obligations to comprehensive solutions for waste management.

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product fee

We help in fulfilling the obligations for companies introducing products to the market.

Waste management

We help optimize the waste management system in companies.

Solutions for companies that want to improve waste management and reduce costs, as well as obtain more effective recovery of raw materials, minimizing the negative impact on the environment:
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Environmental consulting

We provide professional advice in the field of environmental protection.

Our most important services in the area of environmental consulting
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We will find the right eco-device for you and provide service.

Zero Waste IT

We help to optimize the IT and telecommunications equipment management system.

Environmental education

We help to spread knowledge among the society.

We operate eco-educational in two ways: we have Interzero educational projects and personalized educational campaigns dedicated to your needs. We propose:
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digital tools

We help you get rid of your duties faster and more conveniently with the help of digitized services.