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companiesy which introducesI on market products in packagingch, batteries or electrical or electronic equipment hasI the obligation to conduct public educational campaigns. their citem Is increasing awareness ecological society, especially in terms of progressivenia with waste. Environmental Education Team interzero Youfulfills this obligation on behalf of clientsby implementing, among others projects like Ekopaka , Zero Waste Office or Rotunda. Ewho without edges.

EkoPaka - how to explain to children what recycling is?

EkoPaka is a multidimensional educational program addressed to teachers and school-age children. EkoPaka is a box whose content helps in the implementation of active, engaging classes with students. It consists of ready-made workshop scenarios as well as educational materials, tools and games that allow for effective education in the field of ecology. EkoPaka is also the Ekoedukatorzy programme, the aim of which is to provide educators and teachers with expert knowledge in the field of environmental protection.

Go to the EkoPaki website and use our educational materials.

So far, we have created seven EkoPaks focused on waste fractions:

  • Aluminum
  • Batteries
  • Wood
  • Electronic waste
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastics

The potential of the program is growing year by year. Our experience of cooperation with schools, libraries, cultural institutions and entrepreneurs confirms that we learn the fastest and best by experiencing. EkoPaka enables the creation of such wise education, which is easy to include in larger initiatives such as school or company picnics, employee campaigns, ecological competitions, but also in smaller ones, such as home education.

Zero Waste Office - how to create an ecological workplace?

For us, a sustainable workplace means wise resource management, a responsible team and attention to environmental issues. Taking into account such a broader perspective in business very often allows you to find savings and new development potentials by strengthening communication and cooperation.

Zero Waste Office is a comprehensive service, the starting point of which is the assessment of office space in terms of sustainable development. The research from which we start has a very wide scope - apart from the issues of workplace organization, it also considers the ways of functioning or habits of employees.

Changing the culture of an organization to an environmentally friendly one is a challenge. That is why we offer support in designing the office transformation process and internal employee education. We also provide technologies that facilitate waste management and build environmental awareness.

Check how to run an environmentally friendly office.

The Zero Waste office is a scalable service that can be adapted to both large and small companies. We also have experience in working with the public sector. With our support, every office can be certified as a Zero Waste Office.

Rotunda. Eco without edges , or how not to give in to greenwashing

In the project “Round. Eco without edges”, we care most about building conscious and environmentally friendly shopping choices and convincing producers to design packaging responsibly.

Learn how to produce and consume responsibly.

Okrąglak itself is an innovative idea, built around a low-emission, local store currently embedded in the metaversum, which was designed in accordance with the assumptions of sustainable development by the A8 Architektura studio. The project also includes:

wizualizacja Okrąglaka - sztandarowego projektu kampanii edukacji ekologicznej Eko Bez Kantów
zdjęcie z muralem zachęcającym do podpisania ekomanifestu


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