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We started in 1991 and today we’re the leader in comprehensive environmental protection services, which we offer to clients operating in every industry. Our wish is to create a zero-waste world together with you. We set great store by a good atmosphere and direct relations It’s the only way to build robust and innovative solutions. Close co-operation and exchange of experiences are our focus. Our company culture is a common undertaking, so we consistently invest in development by strengthening our talents.

Our values

  • Openness we are open to new ideas, innovation and feedback. We maintain an open communication culture.
  • Respect we cultivate a corporate culture that recognizes and values the beliefs, opinions, needs and limitations of others.
  • Common goals as an organization, we form a unit in which we work to achieve our defined goals through collaboration and cooperation. The focus is on the overarching goals of the organization
  • Appreciation – all employees are evaluated and treated based on their skills and performance regardless of age, position or level of achievement.
  • Transparency the foundations of our actions and decisions are communicated openly and honestly in all directions.

Interzero supports diversity, equality and prevents exclusion. Employment decisions are made entirely on the basis of individual competencies and qualifications, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Groups of sites

Check in which of the areas you want to have an impact on the world and satisfaction from what you do

grafika pokazujaca oferty pracy w sprzedaży jako połaczone ikony ludzi rozrzucone po całym mieście


For us, sales is not only establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, the negotiation process, discussing the details of our services, but also extensive knowledge about world without wasting, which we serve our clients from the first contact. The basis of our offer is the attention strictly focused on the client’s expectations and building solutions, often non-standard, tailored exactly to their needs.

dłonie złożone jedna na drugiej symobilizuące oferty pracy w dziale operacji Interzero


This is where we meticulously render a wide range of environmental services for our clients, take care to fulfil their needs in every respect, automate and constantly improve the processes used to provide our services, as well as actively participate in creating and implementing environmental solutions tailored to the expectations of clients.

kręta, malownicza droga położona pośród wzgórz pokrytych żywo zieloną trawą


We have diverse competences, which include, among others, sales skills and specialist knowledge of waste management. Our “Traders” are experts in recycling and contacts with centres processing even the most difficult, unusual or dangerous waste.

palec, który za moment przebije bańkę mydlaną symbolizujacy oferty pracy w doradztwie środowiskowym Interzero

Environmental consulting

Environmental advisers put their in-depth specialised, administrative and legal knowledge to use by developing studies and/or expert opinions on environmental solutions, difficult situations or by safely guiding our clients through the maze of regulations and formal procedures pertaining to environmental protection.

młoda roślinka wyrasta z ziemi otoczona przez układy scalone - symbol ofert pracy w Marketingu, E-commerce, HR

Business support functions

Departments such as Marketing, Digital/E-commerce, HR, and Administration provide the everyday support necessary to render professional services for our clients, and deliver the right tools and solutions for improving Interzero’s internal operations.

roślinki wyrastajace na stosikach monet

Finance and Controlling

Our colleagues proficient with financials ensure that everything in the accounting ledgers is correct in every detail, the company operates in line with applicable regulations, and assure that access to detailed financial data, analyses and reports is efficient and fast thanks to modern tools.

Recruitment process

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Submit your resume

here you’ll find more information about our current career opportunities, and if you don’t see anything that would be right for you now, leave us your contact information and a brief description of the type of work that interests you

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Come to the meeting

we’ll have a detailed discussion of your professional experience, talents and our proposals regarding the area best suited for your traits in your dream job

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Solve a task

a small sample of your work or a more extensive one in what we refer to as our Assessment Centre will allow us to better understand your skills and knowledge, while giving you additional information on how your potential fits into the role we’re offering

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