Check what legal obligations you have to comply with

Pursuant to the Act of June 13, 2013 on the management of packaging and packaging waste, entrepreneurs introducing products in packaging and packaging to the Polish market are subject to specific legal obligations contained therein, covering basically two main requirements:

  1. ensuring recycling of packaging waste resulting from introduced packaging
  2. conducting public educational campaigns aimed at raising the ecological awareness of the society
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Three ways to meet your responsibilities:

1. Independently, recovering and recycling packaging waste .

The downside of this solution is the need to independently follow dynamically changing legal regulations in the field of environmental protection and full legal and financial responsibility for the proper performance of duties.

2. By paying the product fee to the Marshal’s Office.

Although at first glance this type of solution seems convenient, in reality it is very expensive – marshal’s fees significantly exceed the cost of cooperation with a packaging recovery organization. Considering that both of the above-mentioned solutions are cumbersome and costly (they require knowledge of numerous regulations, organizing your own collection and segregation system or paying high fees to the Office), the best solution for most entrepreneurs is to use option 3:

3. Fulfillment of the obligation to recover and recycle through a professional Packaging Recovery Organization .

An entrepreneur introducing products in packaging or packaging to the Polish market may also use the services of a professional Packaging Recovery Organization. The company transferring statutory environmental obligations to the Packaging Recovery Organization commissions the obligation to recover and recycle, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Why is it worth transferring environmental obligations to Interzero Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań SA?

Check the benefits for your business:

  • you save money – you do not have to pay a high product fee to the Marshal’s Office;
  • you don’t have to organize public educational campaigns – we do it for you, what’s more, we help build a positive and ecological image of your company; we support local communities on your behalf;
  • we help you settle any reporting arrears towards the Marshal’s Office;
  • thanks to us you will meet your legal obligations in an easy, pleasant and beneficial way;
  • you will optimize waste management in your company and reduce its costs by transferring all activities to one external company – a specialist in the field of environmental protection;
  • you will gain peace of mind and time – you do not have to follow the dynamic changes in European legislation on your own – we will do it for you;
  • you can be sure that your actions are not just empty bureaucracy – you can be sure that the packaging has actually been recovered, while maintaining the highest standards, and you really protect the environment! Every year you receive from us confirmation of the fulfillment of duties and educational campaigns carried out on your behalf.
  • you entrust your business in reliable hands! Interzero is subject to inspections verifying the functioning and activities of the Packaging Recovery Organization in Poland. in 2017 we have passed the positive assessment of both the Marshal’s Office and the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection.

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