Reduce waste management costs in your company

If you want to reduce the costs related to waste management in your company, as well as improve and optimize environmental procedures, you can use 4 ready-made waste management models offered by Interzero specialists:

  • audit in the field of waste management – allowing for the assessment of the state of waste management and real possibilities of optimization
  • dedicated online system for waste management in network companies – enables coordination of comprehensive waste management, cost control, documentation archiving. We will adjust it to the processes in your company
  • outsourcing of tools, machines and employees of Interzero – allowing for cost reduction
  • collection of waste directly from your company’s waste zones – no more lingering waste and full containers on the yard.

mężczyzna w odzieży roboczej wykonuje czynności z zakresu gospodarki odpadami w firmie

Order waste collection from your company's headquarters

You can also order waste collection from your company using the contact form or e-mail. Write to us and get the best offer for waste disposal!

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