Waste management

We provide economic and ecological waste management. We help optimize the system and implement solutions in your company that will contribute to more efficient recovery of raw materials, minimize the negative impact on the environment and achieve significant savings.

Optimization of waste management

We help reduce the costs associated with waste management in your company.

Waste collection

Take care of the management of the waste you produce. We will help you, and all this at very attractive prices.

Online waste platform

The Interzero Waste Platform (POI) is a transparent online system for comprehensive waste management in a company of any size.

Zero Waste IT

We buy used IT and telecommunications equipment and provide all stages of cleaning and renovation so that it can be used again.

Get to know the current waste classification and check how to choose the correct waste code in 3 steps.

Repurchase of DPR and EDPR documents

We buy surplus DPR and EDPR documents. Get to know the best DPR repurchase offer and resell excess documents for the benefit of the environment and your company.

Order waste collection from your company's headquarters

You can also order waste collection from your company using the contact form or e-mail. Write to us and get the best offer for waste disposal!


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