Entrepreneur, are you introducing products in packaging to foreign markets in the European Union?

Introducing and marketing products in packaging on European markets requires getting to know the recovery and recycling systems in individual countries. Dozens of legal acts in force in the European Union make orientation in the regulations difficult, and acting illegally may result in high fines being imposed on your company.

We are in 7 countries of the European Union

We will introduce you to the secrets of legal regulations of all EU countries. Interzero has many years of international experience in the field of packaging and packaging waste trading. Specialists Environmental specialists, lawyers and consultants from Interzero will implement environmental regulations applicable in foreign markets to your company quickly, efficiently and safely. We provide professional consulting and implementation services in the field of environmental protection in EU countries.

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We offer entrepreneurs services that facilitate operation on European markets.

For companies with branches in different countries, exporters, importers and distributors, we have prepared:

1. Overview of legislation for the selected country

This material contains a short but full description of the information necessary for your company, including:

  • links to relevant and current legislation;
  • description of supervisory institutions and potential penalties;
  • the criteria that must be taken into account;
  • suggestions for joining standards compliance programs;
  • minimum recycling limits for your country.

2. Packaging licensing

This service is available for 28 countries in the European Union. Its purpose is to trade in packaging in accordance with the regulations of a given country, i.e.:

  • introducing packaging to the market;
  • including packaging in the recovery and recycling system;
  • reporting (quantity, material composition, sales path) of packaging to the relevant government authorities on behalf of your company.

3. Individual consulting for companies

It is a service fully adapted to the needs and requirements of your business. In three steps, we help you assess the company’s situation on the selected market:

  • we analyze the client’s sales network and present in detail, in a clear form, available business scenarios;
  • we present a description of the legal system and regulations in the indicated countries, as well as the criteria determining the necessity to perform the obligation;
  • we assess the risk of non-compliance with standards.

All packaging recovery and recycling services in the European Union in one place, at Interzero!

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