Interzero management: responsibility for customers, employees and the environment

Interzero Organizacja Odzysku Opakowan SA was established in order to fulfill the obligations for Polish customers under the Act on Obligations of Entrepreneurs in the Field of Waste Management and on Product and Deposit Fees.

“Interzero’s activities and services are designed to support entrepreneurs who have to find themselves in the reality governed by the principles of extended producer responsibility. Every year, we try to help a growing group of entrepreneurs – currently there are about 9,500 entities – who want to take further responsible steps in the field of environmental protection by developing their business. We advise, take over environmental responsibilities, educate so that the appropriate design of packaging, as well as their subsequent recycling, take place in compliance with the highest standards.

Anna Grom

“Interzero is a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of environmental protection. We provide the highest quality services and solutions in this field.
Our offer includes comprehensive solutions thanks to which our partners can safely function in such a difficult legal framework. Interzero’s goal is to build long-term partnerships with clients, through which we help achieve business excellence. Cooperation with us is a benefit for the environment and profit for companies.”

Pawel Lesiak

“As an industry leader, we know that the way to sustainable development is to effectively close the circulation of raw materials. It enables the development and increase of profitability while respecting the ecosystems and natural resources of the Earth. We provide our clients with solutions in the field of environmental protection tailored to their needs. We offer professional service and expert advice in the field of waste management, recycling and environmental law. We also provide a number of innovative digital tools that support the processes that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis in their business in a modern way.”

Monika Grom

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