Are you introducing multi-material and hazardous packaging to the market?

Pursuant to the Act on the management of packaging and packaging waste of June 13, 2013, entrepreneurs who place hazardous agents in packaging and hazardous agents that are plant protection products and multi-material packaging on the market - instead of organizing the collection system themselves, you can join an agreement that the Chamber of Commerce representing this group of entrepreneurs concluded with the marshal of the voivodeship.

Transfer your activities to Interzero and become an official PIORO member

A guarantee of comprehensive and safe service for your company – Interzero is a co-founder and member of the Polish Chamber of Packaging Recovery and Recycling (PIOIRO). Thanks to this, cooperation with the Chamber in the field of solutions for your company guarantees security in the implementation of statutory obligations, transparent costs and professional support for entrepreneurs. Interzero offers support in the implementation of obligations regarding multi-material packaging and hazardous substances, consisting of :

  • creating efficient collection and transport systems
  • recovery or disposal of waste from multi-material packaging and packaging from hazardous substances
  • participation in the Agreement with the Marshal of the Voivodeship
  • voluntary membership in the Polish Chamber of Packaging Recovery and Recycling (PIORO), of which we are a member and co-founder

Take advantage of the advantages of cooperation with Interzero for your business:

  • Intermediation in contacts with the Marshal's Office
  • A real, positive impact on environmental protection
  • Reliable and safe compliance with legal regulations
  • Putting legal requirements into image benefits for your company
  • Joining the group of members of the Polish Chamber of Packaging Recovery and Recycling

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