Innovative raw material management developed by Interzero

Sustainable development and closing the loop can be an opportunity for companies. ESG regulations are worth looking at not only in terms of potential costs for the company, but also measurable benefits, including profits and savings of natural resources.

Knowing this, we started cooperation with Fagum-Stomil and thanks to our joint commitment, we managed to develop a way to use the leftovers of the PVB film used in the production of car windows for the production of rubber boots. Due to its composition, the film is very difficult to process, as it sticks together. After long tests, conducted since 2021 by Interzero and Łukpol , it was possible to develop a method for processing PVB scrap and its reuse for the production of shoe granules. In this way, the material previously perceived as a difficult raw material is recycled and reused.

The developed method gives measurable benefits for the environment – it reduces the amount of natural resources needed for production, reduces pollution and exploitation of the environment, and leads to mitigation of the climate crisis.

As an industry leader, we pursue the mission of supporting the circular economy by searching for innovative, integrated environmental solutions focused on the future. We hope that our many years of experience and acquired know-how will allow us to implement even more projects focused on environmental benefits in the near future.

We encourage you to view the photos of the product.

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