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Can waste be the subject of photography? MUFO x Interzero collaboration

We avoid them because we don’t like seeing them. At the same time, we produce a lot of them every day. Even if we hide them very deep, waste makes itself felt. Can waste be the subject of photography? How to talk about dealing with waste in a wise, responsible and interesting way?

Interzero joins forces with the Museum of Photography in Krakow to talk about the idea of ​​a circular economy and the challenges associated with it. On this occasion, we will take photos to test the possibilities of photography as a visual way of talking about the problems of the modern world and raising awareness of environmental issues.

We will invite the recipients of our project to workshop and interpretive work, and we will present the results of all meetings in a publication that can also be used as a tool by educators.

The publication will be available at the beginning of 2024 on the following websites:

Home page – Museum of Photography in Krakow (

Interzero – Interzero Polska

Home page – Eco Without Edges (

Meetings and workshops will be led by:

Krzysztof Story – reporter of “Tygodnik Powszechny”. He writes about social issues and human relations with nature. Together with Wojciech Jagielski, he runs the Jagielski Story podcast about international events. He puts the beauty of nature above all others. He climbs, travels and collects photos of inscriptions on walls. Author of the book “From Here. 150 doors at one address. He also publishes photos and texts on

Dr. Rafa ł Siderski – visual artist dealing mainly with photography. He completed his doctoral studies at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. It is part of the initiative dealing with digitization and work on photographic archives. In 2019, he published the book “Wyjedź Stastań”, which was awarded in the Photographic Publication of the Year 2019 competition. In September 2021 together with Małgorzata Lebda, he took part in a literary-visual-poetic adventure “Reading Water: Vistula”, the materials from which were regularly published in Pismo Magazine. In August 2022 The material collected at that time was used to create the exhibition “Flow(s)”, which is a visual and literary interpretation of the relationship with the river during that adventure. In his free time he goes “somewhere” or is “somewhere”. He took part in numerous exhibitions in Poland (including Białystok, Rybnik, Poznań, Warsaw, Gliwice) and abroad (including Germany, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Italy, Lithuania and Japan). His works have received a number of awards and distinctions, and he received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Culture online). From 2023, assistant at the Faculty of Photography and Creation of Visual Message at the Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa.

Monika Krysztofińska – cultural expert, project manager with experience in implementing alternative education. Creator of educational programs, workshops, lectures and exhibitions for children and adults. Initiator of projects focused on sustainable development in cultural institutions and private companies. A collector of information about technology, digital ecology, psychology, communication, and art. At Interzero, a member of the Ecological Education Team. It works at the intersection of sectors.

We invite you to follow our cooperation and read the details of the project:

Museum of Photography in Krakow – events (


Interzero Polska: My company | LinkedIn


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