Why is it so important to develop pro-ecological attitudes among the youngest?

Kubuś’s Friends of Nature is a nationwide educational program that was created on the initiative of the Maspex group for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals related to the protection of the natural environment and climate through ecological education. It is addressed to pre-school children and students of early childhood education (grades 1-3 of primary school). For 15 years, thanks to practical classes, interactive lessons and field games, children all over Poland have been able to learn about the principles of environmental protection free of charge and in an interesting way, as well as learn respect for plants and animals, recycling, proper nutrition and spending time actively in harmony with nature .

Interzero, as a long-term partner of the action, supports the development of pro-environmental attitudes among the youngest. In the latest publication of Kubuś’s Friends of Nature on the practical application of ecological knowledge in the field, Monika Grom, Vice-President of the Management Board and Interzero expert , explains why it is so important to develop pro-ecological attitudes in early childhood.

“Nature awakens the child’s sensitivity to the destruction of the environment, stimulates curiosity and allows them to acquire competences to act for the benefit of the planet. Only thanks to conscious education and the development of a child’s impact on the environment, he will assume responsibility for the fate of the Earth, future generations and will be ready to take action in the field of ecology. That is why environmental education in the early years of life is so important. All actions in the field of environmental protection that parents and teachers at school will take together with children will have a significant impact on the condition of the planet in the years to come.”

Over 1,200,000 children from all over Poland took part in the 15th edition of the program (2022/2023).

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