Inclusiveness in the Metaverse? Meet the ecological shop with a mission!

Rotunda. Eco without edges is an innovative, public educational campaign of Interzero, promoting the idea of a circular economy.

It is a concept of a store embedded in the Metaverse to teach the public which packaging is more environmentally friendly. It is a project created in cooperation with Pracownia A8 Architektura.

The main assumption of the project was to create a virtual space that will function as a sustainable store of the future. Its body is built on the basis of a circle, symbolizing a closed circuit. Inside, we will find shelves on which we place examples of products available on the market that have ecological packaging.

A walk around Okrąglak is not only packaging, but also all the ideas that guided us when creating this place, ready to be implemented in the real world – such as providing customers with a station for refilling containers with their favorite product, ensuring access to fresh, seasonal products and adapting shop for people with disabilities.

You can find out more about this project on the website HERE
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