interzero targi carrefour

The future of retail chains and bottle dispensers - Interzero at the Carrefour Fair

interzero targi carrefour

The future of retail chains and bottle dispensers – Interzero at the Carrefour Fair

The Carrefour Polska 2023 fair took place on 29-30. This is an event for suppliers and franchise partners of this chain.

We were present there with our Sielaff bottle dispensers , specifically the SiCompact XL and Eco M models. We have had numerous conversations regarding not only our devices, but above all, preparations for the deposit system and current legal changes.

From 2025 Poland is to have a deposit system covering disposable plastic bottles up to 3 liters, reusable glass bottles up to 1.5 liters and metal cans up to 1 liter. Entrepreneurs who market packaged beverages and distributors of packaged beverages that will be subject to a deposit have little time to adapt to the new regulations and prepare to assume new statutory obligations.

Producers of beverages in packaging covered by the deposit-refund system will be obliged to achieve a high statutory level of selective collection of packaging and packaging waste. In 2025 they will have to collect 77% of them, and in 2029 as much as 90%. In addition, they will be obliged to keep detailed records of packaging and place special markings on packaging subject to a deposit.

For retail chains, the key obligations will be: concluding a contract with at least one representative entity, collecting and returning deposits, collecting empty packaging, settling costs, keeping records of packaging and informing consumers.

Waste logistics will be facilitated by bottle lockers or the organization of an effective bag system. The bag system enables effective and economical segregation of various types of waste at the stage of collection. Bottle lockers, however, are revolutionizing the process of collecting bottles after single use. These automatic devices allow users to conveniently and immediately return bottles to the place of purchase.

You can benefit from Interzero’s professional assistance in preparing for the deposit system. More information HERE and HERE .

puls literatury

Interzero invites you to the 17th edition of the Puls Literatury Festival in Łódź!

puls literatury

Interzero invites you to the 17th edition of the Puls Literatury Festival in Łódź!

The Pulse of Literature Festival is an annual cultural event during which authors, readers, publishers and other literature lovers meet to participate in discussions, presentations, readings and other book-related activities.

In 2023, the festival takes place in early December (1-10/12/2023) under the slogan ” On the edge of utopia” and will discuss topics related to utopia in the political, economic and ecological dimensions.

The festival includes meetings with authors and thematic panels, literary workshops, activities for children, performative readings and concerts. We will also be there.

Interzero will organize Family Ecological Workshops on December 9 (Saturday) (registration at the e-mail address ). The workshops will be led by the Head of the Ecological Education Team , Edyta Mantorska.

Ecology workshops provide a great opportunity to learn about environmental protection and sustainability. Children learn not only through words, but also through actions and observation of adults. Participating in ecological workshops can help shape pro-ecological attitudes, which will influence the child’s everyday decisions and life habits. All these activities can make them reflect and stimulate their sense of responsibility for preserving the natural environment. It is also a great opportunity to spend creative time with your children.

More details and attractions on this day can be found HERE

More information about the festival HERE

We invite you to participate in the festival!

The winding road to a circular economy - Paweł Lesiak's statement for Rzeczpospolita

The winding road to a circular economy – Paweł Lesiak’s statement for Rzeczpospolita

The waste management market is going through a period of dynamic changes – both in terms of national and regional legislation, as well as market-wide. Due to many unexpected circumstances, 2023 was a challenging year for entrepreneurs.

In his latest statement for Rzeczpospolita, Vice-President of the Management Board of Interzero, Paweł Lesiak, approached the topic from a business point of view, presenting a thorough analysis of all factors that influenced changes in the waste management industry. Among them he mentioned, among others: the impact of the war in Ukraine on the packaging situation in Poland or the reason for the mass import of cheap regranulate from Asia. He also indicated what changes await the economy in the near future, as well as what actions we should take to support the green transformation and shorten the path to the implementation of the circular economy. He emphasized the importance of taking into account the global situation as part of the modernization of the European market and simplifying environmental regulations for better performance of entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable development.

Interzero takes an active part in building the deposit system and actively supports entrepreneurs in adapting to the new legal and economic environment. We pay particular attention to issues related to legal and constitutional regulations, monitoring changes in the law and trying to influence decisions made at the ministerial level. Through active participation in decision-making processes, we strive to support the development of a more effective and sustainable regulatory environment for the industry. In this way, Interzero becomes an important participant in the dialogue between the private sector and public administration, striving to harmoniously combine business interests with the needs of societies.

Please read the entire article HERE .

Interzero at the International RetailShow 2023 Fair

Interzero at the International RetailShow 2023 Fair

We invite you to read the report from the 11th International Shop Equipment Trade Fair RetailShow, which took place on November 22-23, 2023. at EXPO XXI in Warsaw.

Retail Show is a meeting place and space for exchanging ideas and solutions for the retail sector. During the two-day event, over 200 companies from Poland and abroad gathered under the roof of the Warsaw EXPO XXI Center, offering solutions in the field of, among others: design of stores, furniture, equipment, cash registers, scales, IT systems for managing retail chains, loyalty programs, outsourcing services, financial services, security and protection systems, advisory, legal, consulting and FMCG goods.

Interzero presented two models of Sielaff bottle dispensers from the SiCompact series – Sielaff SiCompact Eco M and Sielaff SiCompact 2020 XL. These devices have been designed to support the effective collection of returnable packaging in the retail sector – Interzero is the exclusive distributor of the brand in Poland, offering both compact and modular solutions. Find out more about machines for the deposit system HERE .

Please see photos from the event.

recykling chemiczny sortownia odpadow

The largest sorting plant for plastic waste intended for chemical recycling in Europe – construction has started!

recykling chemiczny sortownia odpadow

The largest sorting plant for plastic waste intended for chemical recycling in Europe – construction has started!

On November 20, 2023 just 20 days after announcing their partnership, OMV, an integrated energy, fuels and raw materials, chemicals and materials company based in Vienna, and Interzero, Europe’s leading provider of circular solutions, today celebrated the laying of the foundation stone for an innovative sorting plant for plastic waste for chemical recycling in Walldürn in Baden-Württemberg.

The invited guests included personalities representing both the sphere of national and regional politics, as well as partners involved in the project. All event participants emphasized the positive effects of the project, both for the local community and for Europe. This initiative contributed to the creation of 120 new jobs, the development of modern recycling technology and investments by OMV worth over EUR 170 million. Chemical recycling is a key technology of the future that, alongside traditional mechanical recycling, can significantly increase the reuse rate of plastics while protecting valuable raw materials from incineration.

“This project marks the beginning of a new era in plastic recycling. In cooperation with our partner OMV, we use an innovative recycling process that we have developed, which allows us to give a second life to plastics that are currently burned in the chemical recycling process. I am convinced that thanks to chemical recycling, the recycling rate in Germany can increase significantly in the future. This brings us another big step closer to our vision of a world without waste.” – said Axel Schewitzer, President and Owner of Interzero.

This innovative, state-of-the-art waste sorting plant created by Interzero and OMV will be capable of processing 260,000 tons of mixed plastic waste per year.

You can read the entire press release HERE


Interzero and PIOIRO on a common path to implementing the deposit system in Poland


Interzero and PIOIRO on a common path to implementing the deposit system in Poland

At the beginning of 2025, Poland plans to implement a deposit system. Are Polish companies prepared for changes in packaging waste management? The Polish Chamber of Recovery and Recycling of Packaging (PIOIRO), in cooperation with Interzero, a leader in the field of circular economy, aims to ensure the smooth and effective implementation of new regulations for producers of packaged products.

The Polish deposit solution will be different from most European systems, which are usually based on one operator. In Poland, more operators will be possible, and all stores with an area of ​​200 square meters or more will be obliged to accept returnable packaging (smaller stores will be able to join the system voluntarily).

The Polish Chamber of Recovery and Recycling of Packaging (PIOIRO) and Interzero, with experience in providing ecological services and commitment to promoting the circular economy, will play a key role in the implementation and management of the deposit system in Poland. Their cooperation will contribute to the development of automated collection systems using bottle lockers and a bag system.

As part of the system, PIOiRO and Interzero will be responsible, among others, for: behind:

  • achieving the required levels of collection of packaging waste and packaging covered by the deposit system,
  • delivery and installation of the selected bottle dispenser
  • organization of a bag system (for distributors who do not decide to install bottle dispensers),
  • providing an operating system enabling ongoing monitoring of the amount of packaging in the deposit system and financial resources from the deposit,
  • preparation of reports,
  • ensuring transport of waste from distributors and redistribution centers, in accordance with the requirements of waste regulations,
  • processing waste and ensuring the availability of recyclate,
  • achieving statutory recycling levels through the appropriate Interzero Packaging Recovery Organization SA or PIOIRO, appropriate for the type of material,

Both organizations are ready for the challenges posed by the deposit system, ensuring that packaging waste management in Poland will be implemented effectively and in the spirit of sustainable development.

You can read more about our role HERE

For details, please visit the PIOIRO and Interzero websites.

black week interzero

Black Week 2023 | Save 60% on environmental protection training at Interzero Academy!

black week interzero

Black Week 2023 | Save 60% on environmental protection training at Interzero Academy!

On the occasion of the upcoming Black Week, we have prepared an extraordinary promotion for Interzero Academyas much as -60% on all environmental protection training!

Waste management, BDO, extended producer responsibility, air emissions, deposit system, SUP, PPWR, water and sewage management – these are issues that you can delve deeper into on our Interzero Academy educational platform. Additionally, now at a favorable price.

Why is it worth taking our courses?

Expertise: Our courses are created by experienced experts in the field of environmental protection. You will receive the most up-to-date and reliable knowledge.

Accessibility: Courses are available online, which means you can study from anywhere, anytime. So it’s flexibility to suit your lifestyle!

Thematic diversity: Whether you are simply interested in ecological business practices or specific information resulting from the latest legal regulations regarding environmental protection, we have a course for you.

How to take advantage of the promotion?

  1. If you don’t have an account on our platform, create one. Login instructions can be found HERE . If you already have an account, skip this step.
  2. Go to our website:
  3. Then choose the environmental protection course that interests you.
  4. Then add the course to your cart and complete the transaction.
  5. That’s all! You can find your purchased courses in the My Account tab.

Attention! The promotion is valid from 9:00 on November 21, 2023 until 23:59 on 27/11/2023 and cannot be combined with other promotions.

Start your eco journey today!

Click here!

targi zero waste interzero

Be with us at the Zero Waste Fair in Warsaw!

zero waste interzero

Be with us at the Zero Waste Fair in Warsaw!

The Zero Waste Fair will be held on December 2 at ul. Bracka 25 in Warsaw (Bracia Jabłkowscy department store). This is the 10th edition of this event!

Our eco-education stand will be there, where we will show the youngest how to introduce pro-ecological attitudes in everyday life. Additionally, there will be all kinds of surprises!

Check the schedule of events at our stand:

  • Electronic waste collection. For each electrical equipment you bring, you will receive a plant. Join the event on Facebook: HERE (time: 10:00 – 18:00).
  • Family flow workshops where we will save the lives of lonely socks! You can bring your own single socks or receive one from us on site to create, for example, a monster or dwarf mascot (time: 10:00 – 18:00).
  • Exchange of items at the Unwanted Gifts Rack – you can leave unnecessary gifts on the rack or exchange yours for another one (time: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.).
  • The bookstore part of the stand, where you will be able to purchase items related to climate, environment and social issues – thanks to cooperation with DoDzieła (hours: 10:00 – 18:00).
  • (On registration) family workshops for caregivers with children aged 8+ on creating jewelry from electronic waste. Applications to: (time: 2:00 p.m.).
  • Reading for the youngest about extraordinary sock adventures (reading will take place in the bookstore zone) (time: 4:00 p.m.).

A video summary from the 2022 fair, as well as an announcement of this year’s edition, can be found at the link HERE .

The Zero Waste fair attracts enthusiasts of ecology and a sustainable lifestyle. This is a unique and unique event during which we can meet truly committed artists, participate in workshops, and collect items that can find a new life in the hands of other people. We can’t miss it!

See you at the Zero Waste Fair!

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Take part in the training New requirements for batteries and waste batteries in the light of Regulation (EU) 2023/1542 of the European Parliament and of the Council

Take part in the training New requirements for batteries and waste batteries in the light of Regulation (EU) 2023/1542 of the European Parliament and of the Council

We cordially invite you to the webinar entitled “New requirements for batteries and waste batteries in the light of Regulation (EU) 2023/1542 of the European Parliament and of the Council”, which will take place on November 23, 2023 (Thursday).

The online training will be conducted by: Przemysław Kuna, Managing Director at Interzero.

The scope of the webinar:

  1. Sustainability and safety requirements
  2. Labeling and marking requirements
  3. The role of introducers, importers and distributors
  4. Implementation of due diligence systems
  5. Battery waste management, including extended producer responsibility

The detailed scope of topics and the registration page can be found at the link HERE

Registration for the webinar lasts until November 23, 2023 at 8:00.

We invite you!


Did you know that two Polish cities are included in the ranking of climate and environmentally friendly cities?

Czy wiesz, że dwa polskie miasta znalazły się w rankingu miast przyjaznych dla klimatu i środowiska? 

Coraz więcej podróżnych na całym świecie przykłada wagę do odwiedzania miejsc, dla których jest ważny zrównoważony rozwój. Global Destination Sustainability Movement co roku ocenia miasta pod kątem ich przyjazności dla środowiska. Ocena obejmuje cztery główne obszary: efektywność środowiskową, która uwzględnia politykę transportu publicznego, emisję dwutlenku węgla i korzystanie z odnawialnych źródeł energii; efektywność społeczną, obejmującą aspekty takie jak bezpieczeństwo osobiste, zdrowie i dobre samopoczucie; sposób zarządzania; oraz zrównoważony rozwój dostawców usług turystycznych, takich jak lotniska, hotele i restauracje w danym mieście.

W 2023 roku grupa rozszerzyła swoją listę o 100 miast na całym świecie. W rankingu 20 najlepszych destynacji Dania zajęła czołowe miejsce, z pięcioma miastami w pierwszej dwudziestce. Szwecja również zdobyła trzy miejsca w tym zestawieniu. Po raz siódmy z rzędu najbardziej zrównoważonym miastem okazał się szwedzki Göteborg, które znajduje się na archipelagu. Miasto aktywnie zaangażowało się w politykę ochrony środowiska. Jednym z ambitnych projektów jest Gothenburg Green City Zone, mający na celu całkowite wyeliminowanie emisji w tej strefie do 2030 roku dzięki nowoczesnym środkom transportu i infrastrukturze. Lotnisko w Göteborgu posiada najwyższy certyfikat Airport Carbon Accreditation, a jego autobus wahadłowy jest zasilany olejem rzepakowym. Południowe wyspy miasta są całkowicie wolne od pojazdów, a dojechać do nich można wyłącznie środkami komunikacji publicznej. Z wynikiem 94,64% ze 100%, Göteborg jest uznawane za jedno z najbardziej ekologicznych miast na świecie.

W Polsce najwyżej ocenione zostały Kraków (43% ze 100%) oraz Gdańsk (29% ze 100%). Kraków skupia się na poprawie jakości powietrza, rozwijaniu mobilności miejskiej, efektywności energetycznej budynków, jakości terenów zielonych oraz zwiększaniu ich dostępności oraz podnoszeniu świadomości ekologicznej i klimatycznej mieszkańców. W Gdańsku władze miejskie koncentrują się na eliminowaniu zużycia plastiku, promowaniu lokalnej kultury oraz tworzeniu alternatywnych i atrakcyjnych miejsc turystycznych na zrewitalizowanych obszarach.

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