“Faction action, or the puzzle of a very round idea” – a report from our workshops in the Royal Łazienki Park

What does precompost and regranulate smell like? Where to throw away spices, medicines or a broken iron? How to repair the lid? What does the seedling symbol on the packaging mean? These and many other questions were answered during our workshops.

During our workshops, parents and children together solved 12 puzzles revolving around the idea of ​​a circular world. Together they moved between specially prepared stations with individual tasks, matched various elements, practiced careful observation and verified their knowledge in the field of selective collection. Finally, we joined forces to discover the story of the circular economy. We have learned that garbage is not unnecessary waste, but important, often strategic raw materials that should circulate in the system and be used again and again to create new items.

Each participant of the “Faction Action, or the puzzle of a very round idea” workshop received a gift – our original educational game .

The workshops were conducted as part of the Re:generacja program, supporting the renewal of the Łazienki Królewskie ecosystem and implemented by UNEP/GRID Warsaw and Interzero Packaging Recovery Organization. This is one of the public educational campaigns, financed from funds donated to build ecological awareness in society by the company’s clients. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with other activities of the Ecological Education Team, such as Eco without edges , EkoPaka , or Punkt Zwrotny .

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