Get to know Interzero’s educational game “Faction Action”!

According to data from the Interzero report entitled ” We are getting into trouble ” from April 2023, only 51% of Poles segregate waste into five fractions (bio, plastic and metal, paper, glass and mixed). Many people still do not know where to throw away, e.g. a milk carton or a store receipt.

The report’s results confirm the need to conduct public educational campaigns that reinforce good habits in society that support proper waste segregation. As part of the program EcoPak, we have been creating teaching materials for children for years. This year we have developed, among others: memory game “Akcja fraction”, thanks to which you can learn to sort properly while playing – says Katarzyna Kacz, manager of educational projects addressed to the youngest from Interzero.

The rules of the game are widely known – you just need to collect pairs of cards. The person who gets more of them wins. The cards show waste, and the background color corresponds to the color of the container they should go to.

“Action fraction” was printed on FSC-certified paper. It also has the Eco Friendly Game certification, which confirms that the game was designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest ecological standards. We encourage you to play and sort correctly.

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