Eco-design or eco-saving? How can packaging design help entrepreneurs?

The European Union is approaching the introduction of increasingly strict regulations on packaging placed on the market. Its goal is to transform the linear economy into a circular economy, aimed at reducing the amount of waste produced.

To help companies adapt to upcoming legal changes that will favor recyclable packaging, Interzero has introduced an eco-design support program called Made4Circle .

What is M4C?

It is a modular solution for companies of all sizes interested in developing sustainable and recyclable packaging. Based on the knowledge of packaging recycling experts, we offer support in creating packaging with minimal impact on the environment, which also meets legal requirements and meets the needs of consumers of a given product. The Made4Circle service consists of 4 main stages that take into account all manufacturers’ business needs: preliminary analysis, detailed analysis, solution design and impact assessment.

We encourage you to read the press release about our service HERE

More about Made4Circle on our website HERE

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