Check out the Interzero Environmental Conference event program!

The Interzero Environmental Conference entitled “Waste worth its weight in gold: towards a deposit system” will be held on September 13-15 this year. Ticket sales continue!

During the event we will have the opportunity to talk, among others: about:

  • deposit system,
  • SUP Directive,
  • textile recycling,
  • ecomodulation and ecodesign,
  • Eco-devices.

The conference will be attended by specialists from the environmental protection industry, as well as people associated with ecology and sustainable development.

The speakers include Interzero experts: Anna Grom – President of the Management Board, Paweł Lesiak and Monika Grom – Vice-Presidents of the Management Board, Paweł Sosnowski – Representative of the Management Board for Environmental Regulations, Przemysław Kuna – Managing Director, Edyta Mantorska – Head of the Environmental Education Team and Robert Kowal – Sales Development Coordinator.

From outside the Interzero group, we will have the opportunity to listen to lectures by Konrad Nowakowski – President of PIOIRO, Monika Richardson – television and radio journalist, Zofia Zochniak and Tomasz Bocian from Ubranie Do Oddania, Sabina Fajto and Patrycja Słowiakowska-Polak from 99Złota Proporcja and the representative of VIVE Textile Recycling – Ewa Half-peasant .

We encourage you to read the agenda of the Environmental Conference HERE

Attention! The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to the Conference program.

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