Based on our vision of ‘zero waste solutions’ and guided by our sustainable development strategy, we are developing new comprehensive concepts for the circular economy. Together with our customers, employees and partners, we work on solutions that help protect the climate and save resources. Our goal is to be a learning company.

Günthera Bachmanna i Markusa Müller-Drexela

2020: Conversation Prof. Günther Bachmann and Markus Müller-Drexel

Climate protection is more important than ever. What contribution can the circular economy make? And how can we make its influence more pervasive? These topics are discussed by Prof. Günther Bachmann, expert on Sustainability and Markus Müller-Drexel, Managing Director of Interzero Dienstleistungs GmbH. Listen to the recording in German:

Interzero's sustainable development strategyzero waste - no waste

Here you can see our current action plan aligned with the sustainable development strategy:
Sustainability Action Plan

without wasting ideas

without wasting resources

zero waste solutions


Innovation is the driving force behind successful transformation processes. Taking into account the risk of failure, we test every new idea that brings us closer to a circular economy. Only in this way can we make decisive changes in the linear economy.

We support our clients in their efforts for sustainable development and introducing these issues to non-financial reporting, using the potential of service digitization.

We extend the life of the product by exploiting new markets and expanding business models – thanks to the implementation of these mechanisms, we have helped to increase profits by at least 20 percent.

To ensure a more efficient use of resources in the production-retail line, we are developing new packaging design solutions that are more suitable for recycling.

We believe that in the future the use of resources must be based on the 'zero waste' principle. That is why we work every day on new solutions for closing the loop of raw materials.

In order to rid the planet of plastic waste in the future, we are constantly developing new upcycling solutions for plastics. We also focus on improving the quality and quantity of the secondary raw materials we produce and offer to manufacturers.

If global warming is to stay below 2°C, the link between global resource use and economic growth must be broken. Hence our desire to create solutions for the circular economy and the intention to generate savings of at least 5 million tons of resources and 800,000 tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per year.

To achieve a significant reduction in environmental impact, especially in urban areas, we take an integrated approach to waste prevention and achieve a significant increase in recycling rates.

Our people and their capabilities are at the heart of our expert position as a provider of environmental services. To ensure that they perform their work for clients at the highest level every day, we must ensure their health, safety, motivation and professional development.

We want to promote the physical and mental health of our employees and achieve sick leave and employee fluctuation statistics significantly lower than those typical for the industry. That is why we provide a safe, value-added and innovative work environment that supports personal development.

We want to provide opportunities for commitment to absolutely all employees, regardless of their position within the company and regardless of age, gender, origin, religion or social status. That is why we make sure that all (potential) employees of our company have equal opportunities.

To develop a comprehensive circular economy, we need to share our experience and knowledge - not only with our customers, but also with representatives of various industries and society at large. This is the only way to increase environmental awareness and generate the economic benefits of effective circular management.

We believe it is our responsibility to promote sustainable lifestyles and consumption patterns. In this context, we act as an intermediary to ensure that knowledge about the circular economy reaches the education sector, politics, business and civil society.

We want to develop and disseminate (internationally) standards and solutions in the field of circular economy suitable for each industry. To this end, we work closely with our partners, stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

At the same time, we give our employees a creative space so that they can participate or co-create solutions for the circular economy themselves.


without wasting talent

without wasting knowledge

We are taking concrete steps to implement our climate strategy 50% less emissions at our locations by 2025

wykres kołowy przedstawiający etapy wdrożenia strategii klimatycznej 50% mniej emisji w Interzero do 2025 r.

Our services help clients reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save resources. But our own actions also contribute to CO2 emissions. Our goal is therefore to reduce emissions at our own locations, and thus contribute to the achievement of the target set in 2015. at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, namely limiting global warming to well below two degrees Celsius. To this end, we design internal processes and activities to be as resource-neutral and efficient as possible. We used our carbon footprint calculations to formulate our climate strategy and specific goals:

  • 50% reduction in emissions at each site (Scope 1 and 2) by 2025
  • Continuously identifying optimization opportunities in logistics and striving to reduce logistics-related emissions
  • Annual savings of at least 5.5 million tons of resources and 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent through our services
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