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What will be the effects of delays in legislative work on the deposit-refund system? What about the excessive burning of packaging and what will the future of chemical recycling look like? These topics were raised in the latest debate “Packaging in the circular economy: from ideals to practice” for Rzeczpospolita .

The meeting was attended by Renata Juszkiewicz, Anna Larsson, Robert Chciuk, Konrad Nowakowski, Jacek Wodzisławski, Andrzej Gantner, Łukasz Sosnowski and on behalf of Interzero Paweł Lesiak , Vice-President of the Management Board. The debate was moderated by Aleksandra Ptak-Iglewska.

As part of the meeting, the future of the European packaging market, the effectiveness of recycling in Poland and the topic of reusable packaging were discussed.

The participants, discussing the deposit-refund system, pointed out that, taking into account the PPWR criteria, including dairy product packaging is not entirely a good idea.

“I agree with the proposal not to include dairy product packaging in the system. However, this would be tantamount to failure to meet the collection obligation resulting from the ordinance. There is no good solution here. The EU regulations directly result in the obligation to include dairy product packaging in the system. A compromise solution would be to postpone the entry into force of the deposit obligation for this assortment. This would allow us to gather the first experience of the system’s operation in other ranges of materials and prepare for it better.” – said Pawel Lesiak.

The obligation to introduce the system to smaller stores also became the subject of disputes. Experts have noticed that small retail chains want to join the system, seeing financial benefits and the possibility of attracting customers.

“As Interzero, we run such a system in small stores in Germany. In our western neighbor, these smaller entities, despite the statutory exemption, willingly join it. It is business justified, because if the customer cannot return the bottles in a given store, they simply he will start shopping elsewhere. In Poland, we should think in a similar way, regardless of the discussion about regulations. I am in talks with retail chains, including small shops, and I hear that they are very interested in the system and want to join it, “said Paweł Lesiak.

Link to the entire debate HERE

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