The winding road to a circular economy – Paweł Lesiak’s statement for Rzeczpospolita

The waste management market is going through a period of dynamic changes – both in terms of national and regional legislation, as well as market-wide. Due to many unexpected circumstances, 2023 was a challenging year for entrepreneurs.

In his latest statement for Rzeczpospolita, Vice-President of the Management Board of Interzero, Paweł Lesiak, approached the topic from a business point of view, presenting a thorough analysis of all factors that influenced changes in the waste management industry. Among them he mentioned, among others: the impact of the war in Ukraine on the packaging situation in Poland or the reason for the mass import of cheap regranulate from Asia. He also indicated what changes await the economy in the near future, as well as what actions we should take to support the green transformation and shorten the path to the implementation of the circular economy. He emphasized the importance of taking into account the global situation as part of the modernization of the European market and simplifying environmental regulations for better performance of entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable development.

Interzero takes an active part in building the deposit system and actively supports entrepreneurs in adapting to the new legal and economic environment. We pay particular attention to issues related to legal and constitutional regulations, monitoring changes in the law and trying to influence decisions made at the ministerial level. Through active participation in decision-making processes, we strive to support the development of a more effective and sustainable regulatory environment for the industry. In this way, Interzero becomes an important participant in the dialogue between the private sector and public administration, striving to harmoniously combine business interests with the needs of societies.

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