The most common mistakes in the implementation of obligations arising from environmental protection regulations – an article in the journal Chemia i Biznes

In the latest issue of the magazine Chemia i Biznes, a statement by Przemysław Kuna, Managing Director at Interzero, regarding the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs in the scope of obligations arising from environmental protection regulations.

Most enterprises operating in Poland are related to the production and provision of services that generate the so-called environmental waste. Environmental awareness in our country is growing, but business owners do not always know what specific obligations apply to them as part of their business.

The biggest area causing problems for entrepreneurs is waste management. The problem starts with choosing the right receiving entity, and ends with the decision, entry in the BDO and the storage itself. Waste, packaging and air emissions are key areas that should be formally regulated.

We encourage you to read the entire article HERE .

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