recykling chemiczny sortownia odpadow

The largest sorting plant for plastic waste intended for chemical recycling in Europe – construction has started!

On November 20, 2023 just 20 days after announcing their partnership, OMV, an integrated energy, fuels and raw materials, chemicals and materials company based in Vienna, and Interzero, Europe’s leading provider of circular solutions, today celebrated the laying of the foundation stone for an innovative sorting plant for plastic waste for chemical recycling in Walldürn in Baden-Württemberg.

The invited guests included personalities representing both the sphere of national and regional politics, as well as partners involved in the project. All event participants emphasized the positive effects of the project, both for the local community and for Europe. This initiative contributed to the creation of 120 new jobs, the development of modern recycling technology and investments by OMV worth over EUR 170 million. Chemical recycling is a key technology of the future that, alongside traditional mechanical recycling, can significantly increase the reuse rate of plastics while protecting valuable raw materials from incineration.

“This project marks the beginning of a new era in plastic recycling. In cooperation with our partner OMV, we use an innovative recycling process that we have developed, which allows us to give a second life to plastics that are currently burned in the chemical recycling process. I am convinced that thanks to chemical recycling, the recycling rate in Germany can increase significantly in the future. This brings us another big step closer to our vision of a world without waste.” – said Axel Schewitzer, President and Owner of Interzero.

This innovative, state-of-the-art waste sorting plant created by Interzero and OMV will be capable of processing 260,000 tons of mixed plastic waste per year.

You can read the entire press release HERE

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