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The future of retail chains and bottle dispensers – Interzero at the Carrefour Fair

The Carrefour Polska 2023 fair took place on 29-30. This is an event for suppliers and franchise partners of this chain.

We were present there with our Sielaff bottle dispensers , specifically the SiCompact XL and Eco M models. We have had numerous conversations regarding not only our devices, but above all, preparations for the deposit system and current legal changes.

From 2025 Poland is to have a deposit system covering disposable plastic bottles up to 3 liters, reusable glass bottles up to 1.5 liters and metal cans up to 1 liter. Entrepreneurs who market packaged beverages and distributors of packaged beverages that will be subject to a deposit have little time to adapt to the new regulations and prepare to assume new statutory obligations.

Producers of beverages in packaging covered by the deposit-refund system will be obliged to achieve a high statutory level of selective collection of packaging and packaging waste. In 2025 they will have to collect 77% of them, and in 2029 as much as 90%. In addition, they will be obliged to keep detailed records of packaging and place special markings on packaging subject to a deposit.

For retail chains, the key obligations will be: concluding a contract with at least one representative entity, collecting and returning deposits, collecting empty packaging, settling costs, keeping records of packaging and informing consumers.

Waste logistics will be facilitated by bottle lockers or the organization of an effective bag system. The bag system enables effective and economical segregation of various types of waste at the stage of collection. Bottle lockers, however, are revolutionizing the process of collecting bottles after single use. These automatic devices allow users to conveniently and immediately return bottles to the place of purchase.

You can benefit from Interzero’s professional assistance in preparing for the deposit system. More information HERE and HERE .

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