What was the focus of this year’s Interzero Environmental Conference?

Changes in business and the environment

The market situation in the environmental protection and related sectors is dynamic and subject to regulations, including a number of directives. Existing legal changes concern especially areas such as packaging reduction, waste prevention and the use of recyclates in packaging. Therefore, continuous education and expansion of knowledge in these areas are crucial for enterprises. Having up-to-date knowledge of legal regulations and other aspects related to ecology and sustainable development is an indispensable element of business management, both in the context of production, promotion and sales.

According to Monika Grom, vice-president of the management board of Interzero, the need to have knowledge about innovative approaches to waste management and exchange experiences with experts and stakeholders cannot be underestimated. Therefore, Interzero emphasizes the importance of providing practical tips, providing reliable knowledge and facilitating the implementation of necessary changes. An example of such activities is the recently organized Environmental Conference 2023. The deposit system is a challenge for all those who introduce beverages into the packaging loop, but at the same time it offers an excellent opportunity to transform the way waste is managed and use a closed loop model. As experts participating in the conference emphasize, we are ready to implement a deposit system

You should talk to entrepreneurs

The Environmental Conference has been held regularly for many years and this year’s tenth anniversary edition was a continuation of this series. The conference organizers create a platform that allows participants to exchange knowledge and discuss legal issues related to environmental protection. In the current edition, given the numerous legal changes and regulations that need to be assimilated in a short period of time, special emphasis has been placed on providing participants with clear knowledge and specific solutions.

Together with the Polish Chamber of Recovery and Recycling of Packaging (PIOIRO), we are preparing to support entrepreneurs in adapting to new legal regulations. More information can be found on the PIOIRO website . As Interzero, we are the only official distributor of Sielaff brand bottle dispensers and we are already testing them in the retail chain in Warsaw and Łódź to show entrepreneurs and consumers in advance that we are prepared for these changes – summed up Paweł Lesiak, vice-president of the management board of Interzero.

About the Environmental Conference

The Interzero Environmental Conference is an annual gathering of stakeholders and experts in the field of environmental protection. It is a two-day event full of inspiring lectures, during which participants have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about applicable legal regulations and other issues related to ecology and sustainable development. Participation in the conference also offers an opportunity to learn about innovative and proven solutions in the field of waste management and to exchange experiences with other event participants.

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