Summary of the meeting entitled “Waste is worth its weight in gold: let’s talk about the deposit”

Last Thursday (August 17, 2023) we met with entrepreneurs for whom the obligations arising from the deposit system constitute some kind of challenge. The act will soon be presented to the President, so people affected by the new legal order must quickly prepare their businesses for the changes.

The meeting participants were welcomed by the Management Board of Interzero – Paweł Lesiak and Monika Grom and the President of PIOiRO – Konrad Nowakowski . Paweł Sosnowski , Management Board Representative for Environmental Regulations, among others, about the draft act, the amount of the deposit, fees, records and the role of the representing entity. Łukasz Czarnowski, Digital Sales CCF Head, explained how the German deposit system works, which has been serving its purpose for many years and in which an average of 99% of packaging is returned. Agata Ryś, Commercial Director, talked about the collection of packaging and the importance of bottle dispensers for retail chains.

As Interzero, we willingly take part in meetings with our partners, but also with entities for which environmental issues may be problematic. We believe that together we will be able to not only meet legal regulations, but also create an efficient system that will fulfill its tasks.

Event titled “Waste is worth its weight in gold: let’s talk about the deposit” is the first meeting in a series of meetings during which we want to learn about entrepreneurs’ problems and, through direct conversation, solve them together. We hope that we will be able to meet again soon to discuss the current challenges related to the deposit system.

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