The share of recyclate in the introduced packaging – an article for the bi-monthly magazine Plastics in Przemyśl

We encourage you to read the article on the share of recyclate in the introduced packaging in the latest issue of the bi-monthly magazine Tworzywa Sztuczne w Przemyśl, in which Paweł Sosnowski, Management Board Representative for Environmental Regulations, Interzero mentions the Single Use Plastics Directive and the draft regulation on packaging and packaging waste.

The share of recyclate will be calculated as an average of beverage bottles for which such a share will be required, placed on the market in a given year. The directive therefore does not require the share of recyclate in each introduced bottle. Mandatory recyclate in beverage bottles is an important step in creating a circular economy. – recalls Pawel Sosnowski.

The new regulations will therefore be a great challenge for those introducing products in packaging, but also for the recycling industry. They will improve the quality of recyclate, where the quality is currently insufficient, but will also force further investments in recycling installations that will ensure that the demand for recyclate is covered at least at the level of the required shares in packaging. A big challenge will be to provide recyclate that will meet the stringent requirements for its use in the production of packaging sensitive to contact. –
sums up Pawel Sosnowski.
We encourage you to read the entire article HERE.
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