Meet our new service – Zero Waste IT

What is the Zero Waste IT service? Interzero buys back used (functional) devices at the best market price. We provide collection of working equipment from any location, data destruction and making devices such as: computers, laptops, telephones, printers, monitors, etc. In addition, we ensure the disposal of all other electronic waste that has accumulated in your company.

All you have to do is send us a list of your equipment and we will send you an offer!

What will you gain:

    • additional proceeds from the sale of unnecessary devices that are constantly losing value,
    • environmental certificate prepared jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute with data that you can directly transfer to the ESG report and show off your care for the environment,
    • security and certainty that the data potentially present on the media will be professionally and irreversibly removed.

What happens to refurbished devices?

    • Donation for a worthy cause – one of the options is a donation to a social organization or educational institution. We will help you organize your campaign!
    • “Brandused” online platform – where customers can buy inexpensive refurbished equipment.
    • Handover to employees – with our specialist solution, employees can buy refurbished equipment at company prices.

This is pure profit for business and the environment!

We invite you for more information about the service HERE .

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