Join us in the packaging revolution. Create a deposit system with Interzero and PIOIRO

Interzero, together with the Polish Chamber of Recovery and Recycling of Packaging, invites all entrepreneurs covered by the provisions of the Act to jointly build a deposit system in Poland. We have extensive experience and know-how in the operation of deposit systems in EU countries (including the deposit system in Germany), the necessary knowledge and practice in the operation of the waste management system and ready-made IT solutions enabling efficient operation of the deposit system (including in terms of records and reporting), as well as the possibility of offering bottle dispensers with full service and support.

A broad point of view that takes into account the needs of the manufacturer, distributor and consumer allows us to ensure comprehensive implementation of statutory obligations and provide a solution that improves selective waste collection under the deposit system.

As part of the cooperation, Interzero will take over key tasks related to the construction and operation of the deposit system, and PIOIRO will act as an organization associating packaging producers and waste management entities. Thanks to this, we will be able to focus on providing comprehensive solutions that will meet new regulations and market expectations.

Discover the offer for beverage producers, retail chains and representative entities. More details on the website HERE and HERE .

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