It’s time to increase the efficiency of waste management.

Waste and its proper management is currently one of the greatest challenges faced by society. From the entrepreneur’s point of view, the greatest need is the stability of the regulatory environment.

In the latest interview for Teraz Środowisko, Monika Grom, Vice-President of the Interzero group in Poland, points out that business must first of all reduce the risk arising from the economic situation. The next step is to increase efficiency and invest in new technologies.

“We work with both waste producing companies and recycling plants. We know the needs and possibilities of both parties. Thanks to this, we often act as an integrator that helps close the circulation of raw materials, which brings measurable environmental, financial and image benefits. In addition, we carry out holistic and spot analyzes in various areas of environmental protection. We both examine the compliance of entrepreneurs’ activities in terms of applicable regulations and advise what they can do differently to free up funds.” – comments Monika Grom.

“Currently, thanks to inter-team cooperation, we achieve a synergy effect, which we will strengthen, among others, by by investing in digitization. We also have achievements in this field. In addition to the aforementioned Interzero Waste Platform, we have created the Interzero Academy e-learning platform, a system for remotely concluding contracts or a virtual customer service office, i.e. Moje Interzero. It is high time that waste management fully exploited the potential of digitization and thus increased its efficiency.” – adds Monika Grom

You can read the full interview at the link HERE

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