Interzero is the official partner of BERGMANN Polska, the distributor of #Bergmann waste management equipment!

Manufacturing plants face a major challenge related to effective waste management. Collecting them incorrectly can lead to serious consequences for the environment and the company’s reputation. Improper segregation and the lack of clear guidelines can lead to the mixing of different types of waste, making their effective disposal or recycling difficult.

It is crucial that we focus on solving this problem to create a more sustainable future. One way to optimize waste management in a company is to use dedicated devices.

Interzero has become an official partner of BERGMANN Polska – a distributor of #Bergmann waste management equipment. The offered devices can be found on our Ecodevices website. The machines compress and thicken waste, which optimizes transport costs. Our offer includes:

– Press containers for dry waste,

– Press containers for wet waste,

– Roll-packers,

– Rotocompactors.

To read the exact specifications of the devices, go HERE .

We are looking forward to cooperation with our partner and hope that Polish customers will appreciate devices that can facilitate waste management in their production plants.

Feel free to contact us!

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