Interzero and PIOIRO on a common path to implementing the deposit system in Poland

At the beginning of 2025, Poland plans to implement a deposit system. Are Polish companies prepared for changes in packaging waste management? The Polish Chamber of Recovery and Recycling of Packaging (PIOIRO), in cooperation with Interzero, a leader in the field of circular economy, aims to ensure the smooth and effective implementation of new regulations for producers of packaged products.

The Polish deposit solution will be different from most European systems, which are usually based on one operator. In Poland, more operators will be possible, and all stores with an area of ​​200 square meters or more will be obliged to accept returnable packaging (smaller stores will be able to join the system voluntarily).

The Polish Chamber of Recovery and Recycling of Packaging (PIOIRO) and Interzero, with experience in providing ecological services and commitment to promoting the circular economy, will play a key role in the implementation and management of the deposit system in Poland. Their cooperation will contribute to the development of automated collection systems using bottle lockers and a bag system.

As part of the system, PIOiRO and Interzero will be responsible, among others, for: behind:

  • achieving the required levels of collection of packaging waste and packaging covered by the deposit system,
  • delivery and installation of the selected bottle dispenser
  • organization of a bag system (for distributors who do not decide to install bottle dispensers),
  • providing an operating system enabling ongoing monitoring of the amount of packaging in the deposit system and financial resources from the deposit,
  • preparation of reports,
  • ensuring transport of waste from distributors and redistribution centers, in accordance with the requirements of waste regulations,
  • processing waste and ensuring the availability of recyclate,
  • achieving statutory recycling levels through the appropriate Interzero Packaging Recovery Organization SA or PIOIRO, appropriate for the type of material,

Both organizations are ready for the challenges posed by the deposit system, ensuring that packaging waste management in Poland will be implemented effectively and in the spirit of sustainable development.

You can read more about our role HERE

For details, please visit the PIOIRO and Interzero websites.

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