How can business benefit from waste?

Anna Grom, President of the Management Board of Interzero, talked about innovative ecological solutions, an unstable legal situation and the implementation of the circular economy concept in the latest podcast for Forbes Women Polska.

Environmental protection should not be an abstract value, but a necessary condition for our continued existence. It is worth constantly analyzing what is happening in our country and in the world in terms of sustainable development. A trend that can be noticed in terms of waste management is the fact that the young generation increasingly often stops paying attention to the brand and starts to notice the impact of a given company on the natural environment. Big players are also aware of the cost of raw materials used for production and strive to acquire raw materials for their own.

As an integrator of sustainable environmental solutions, Interzero analyzes the needs of customers and together with them looks for solutions that can bring measurable financial and ecological results. We are already taking actions that allow us to close the circulation of raw materials – we advise companies on how to optimize processes, e.g. through sustainable packaging design, and we also implement circular economy concepts in existing and new business models.

We encourage you to listen to the entire podcast HERE

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