Get on your bike! Join the Bicycle May action!

It’s the most beautiful month of the year! This is a good opportunity to spend time actively.

Cycling May is the largest initiative in Poland that encourages children, primary school students, teachers, parents and guardians to promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable mobility.

Cycling Maj promotes the use of a bicycle as a means of transport to school and teaches good habits that remain with children after the end of the campaign. The action contributes to reducing the number of cars delivering children and motivates local governments to invest in bicycle infrastructure, which effectively changes the vicinity of schools and kindergartens to be safer and more friendly to cyclists.

As a partner of the campaign, we will donate 120 of our EkoPaks to the most active outlets. Thanks to this, we want to spread knowledge about raw materials and ecology among the youngest.

We cordially encourage all children and adults to join the campaign! Details HERE .

And next month, on June 18 , there will be a family picnic summarizing the campaign in Herbert Park in Bielany! See you!

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