Entrepreneur! Do you know how changes in the waste law will affect your business?

Amendments to the law often affect the current functioning and obligations of entrepreneurs. What should entrepreneurs prepare for this year?

We invite you to read the latest interview with Paweł Sosnowski, the representative of the management board for environmental regulations at Interzero, for the Teraz Środowisko portal, in which it corresponds to the changes awaiting entrepreneurs.

First of all, work on the draft act on limiting the use of single-use plastic products is nearing completion. It is a transposition of the provisions of the directive commonly referred to as single use plastics (SUP). These regulations are likely to enter into force at the turn of the first and second quarters of this year. Companies introducing selected types of single-use plastic products will have the greatest impact. – said Pawel Sosnowski

In addition to the directive regulating SUP, it is worth considering the deposit system that will come into force in Poland from 2025.

The premise of the act is to leave as much freedom to entrepreneurs as possible in creating a deposit-refund system. The boundary conditions included in the draft assume, however, that the system is to cover the entire country and is to be open to all entrepreneurs introducing products in packaging covered by the deposit and commercial entities that will want to join it. – convinces Pawel Sosnowski

Link to the full article HERE.

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