Ekoeksperymentarium exhibition now in Bielsko-Biała!

The exhibition about ecology, of which we are a partner, now goes to the south of Poland, i.e. to Bielsko-Biała! From March 10 to May 5, the exhibition will be open to visitors in the building Punkt 11, ul. November 11, 24.

Why is it worth it?

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the climate and pro-ecological attitudes. The exhibition is built on the plan of a house – in the living room you will learn how to save energy, in the bathroom you will take care of using every drop of water, and in the kitchen you will learn how to cook in zero waste style. It is a great opportunity for both young and adults to gain knowledge and spend time in an interesting and useful way.

Admission to the exhibition is free! You’re welcome.

Details here: https://ekoeksperymentarium.pl/

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