Ecological Debt Day – we are moving this date further and further!

Let’s #MoveTheDate!

Research by the Global Footprint Network shows that we have an influence on Ecological Debt Day – without our recycling activities, this day around the world would have passed 7 minutes and 16 seconds earlier .

Ecological Debt Day, also known as “Overshoot Day” , is a symbolic date during the year when humanity has already used up more natural resources than the Earth can renew in the entire year. This means that from this moment until the end of the year we operate on ecological “credit”, using more resources than our ecosystem can regenerate. This is a disturbing indicator of overexploitation and the pressure we are putting on the planet.

Together with our clients and partners, we have a real impact on global Earth Debt Day.

Why is it like that? Recycling and reusing recyclable materials not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to the virgin process, but also protects the biocapacity of our planet. Instead of overexploitation, we have resource conservation and recycling.

We encourage you to read the press release in English HERE

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