Only 51% of the respondents of the survey conducted by Opinia24 for Interzero declare that they segregate waste into all 5 fractions, 43% believe that they do it correctly, and most incorrectly interpret the meaning of the markings on the packaging. The report "Are we getting into trouble? – what Poles know about packaging and how they deal with waste segregation” is now available.

Selective collection of municipal waste in a minimum (i.e. 5-container) system is the responsibility of each of us and results from the provisions of the Act. What does it look like in households? Nearly 90% of respondents divide waste into glass, metals and plastics, slightly less into paper (84%), and only 62% bio-waste. 26% admit that they have trouble choosing the right container. Most of the respondents know how to handle a glass bottle or yogurt container. While simple, mono-material packaging does not raise any doubts, the situation is different with a broken glass (74% of incorrect answers), a beverage carton (49% of incorrect answers), a used paper towel or a receipt (53% and 71% of incorrect answers, respectively).

The source of knowledge on how to deal with used packaging should be, among others, its label, but although 90% of respondents read it, only 15% look for tips on how to throw it away. When shopping, Poles often check the composition, parameters and properties of products, but they pay much less attention to other symbols on the packaging. Most often, the respondents are interested in the expiration date (85%) and the composition of the product (76%). Aspects related to ecology, such as the country of origin, certificates, instructions for handling packaging or its recyclability, are of interest to a definite minority.

Nearly 40% of respondents believe that product packaging contains too much information, which makes it difficult for them to find what they are looking for. Polish consumers also have a problem with correctly identifying packaging symbols. The recycling stamp, which is included in the Polish regulation on packaging marking, is recognized by only 11% of respondents. Even fewer people (8% of the respondents) encountered the labeling of reusable products and compostable packaging. Only two symbols are widely known among consumers – the international recycling mark – the Möbius Strip and “keep clean” – the so-called. TidyMan.

The report “Are we getting into trouble? – what Poles know about packaging and how they deal with waste segregation” is available at this link .

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