Anna Grom in the ranking of 100 business women – among companies with sales revenue below PLN 50 million

Although the market of Polish small and medium-sized enterprises has been changing very dynamically in recent years, running companies is still the domain of men. Even though Poland has constitutional gender equality and women make up nearly half of the workforce, those aspiring to higher positions in business often have to break through the glass ceiling.

Puls Biznesu notices and appreciates the role of women in managing enterprises in Poland, promoting their entrepreneurship in the world of Polish business and inspiring them to continue their activity and pursue their goals and dreams. The “100 Business Women” ranking consists of a hundred women who manage companies with the highest sales and profit dynamics in the last two years. We are pleased to announce that Anna Grom was ranked 24th among companies with sales revenue below PLN 50 million. Congratulations!

We would like to remind you that Anna Grom not only represents the board of Interzero in Poland, but is also the Head of Interzero Circular Solutions Europe and the president of Konfederacja Lewiatan on behalf of the Polish Association of Private Trade and Services Employers.

We invite you to read the last interview with Anna Grom for the Teraz Środowisko portal under the link and we encourage you to watch a short statement by the president of Interzero, which talks about the goals and mission of our company – here.

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