1000 lives of one cup – Carlsberg Group and Interzero in the “1 instead of 1000” campaign

Understanding the ecological problems we face is the key to solving them. The products we choose, how we use energy, and how we segregate waste affect the state of the environment now and in the future.
Environmental education helps you understand why these choices matter. We can support environmental education by participating in workshops, lectures and information activities, or we can educate others ourselves. And this is what we, as Interzero, try to do constantly.
Festivals attract hundreds or even thousands of participants, which means huge amounts of disposable cups are used only once and thrown away. These cups, often made of plastic or Styrofoam, end up in trash bins or thrown on the ground, leading to huge amounts of waste.

Together with the Carlsberg Group, we are creating the “1 instead of 1000” project, which raises awareness of how our everyday decisions influence the shaping of a more sustainable future. One reusable Brooklyn cup can replace as many as 1,000 disposable cups. This eco-friendly mug appeared at SBM FFestival in August and will go to further events of this type.
Participants of the Warsaw festival could not only use the mentioned reusable cups, but also listen to panel discussions on ecology and the future of packaging, as well as do something for their minds – go to yoga workshops or talk to a psychologist.

Environmental education and involvement in campaigns promoting ecological behavior help us better understand how our actions affect our environment and how we can act more responsibly. This is a key step in moving towards a sustainable future where we preserve our planet for future generations.

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